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Just a few of the ways that we have recently helped our customers solve some of their problems.






Cage Gear & Machine LLC takes a great deal of pride in being more than gear cutters.
We offer a broad range of services to help you tackle your power transmission needs.
Do you need a trained team of skilled technicians to drive to Arkansas on Thanksgiving Day to rebuild a gearbox that is 150 feet on top of a lumber yard crane because you can't remove it? We have done that - Really!!!

Large Gear Cutting Gearbox Rebuild Cable Drum Repair
Onsite Inspections Reverse Engineering - Breakdowns

Please welcome Bob Fern and Mike Bradick
as the newest members of the Cage Gear & Machine Team!

Bob is our Technical Sales Manager for all territories as well as covering Eastern Pennsylvania and the east coast of the country.
Mike will be taking care of our customers in western Pennsylvania. They both add a tremendous amount of talent to our staff.


Gearbox Rebuild & Repair

Large Gear Repair

Gearbox Repair and Rebuild

We are your gearbox rebuild specialists!

From replacing bearings and seals to manufacturing a new gearbox, Cage Gear & Machine has you covered.

There is no charge for us to quote most gearbox repairs!

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Don't scrap that gear! Let us repair it!

WAIT! Don't throw out that gear.
We have several techniques available to repair your large gears!

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Cable Drum Repair

Gear Manufacturing

Cable Drum Repair

Repair your cable drum
Don't Scrap it!

This cable drum was on the way to the scrap yard. We saved it. The customer paid 20% of the price of a new drum and had the drum back in three weeks compared to ten weeks. We can also re-groove sheaves and pulleys.

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We make new ones too! Big Gears.

Sometimes your gear may be beyond repair or you need to use it while a new gear is being made. We make gears complete too. We can manufacture gears from 2.00" in diameter up to 180.00'' diameter.

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Field Service & Inspection

Online Tools & Resources

We have experienced technicians available to come to you! Onsite inspections, consulting, or even rebuilds.

We have the people with the skills and experience to assist with your onsite gearbox rebuilds and repairs.

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A collection of online tools, calculators and resources that we find useful.


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