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Spur Gear Calculations

American Standard Involute Form 
Full Depth
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Addendum = 1 / Diametral Pitch
Minimum Dedendum = 1.157 / Diametral Pitch
Working Depth = 2 / Diametral Pitch
Minimum Total Depth = 2.157 / Diametral Pitch
Basic Tooth Thickness
On Pitch Line
= 1.5708 / Diametral Pitch
Minimum Clearance = .157 / Diametral Pitch
  • For Circular Pitch Gears, Divide π (3.1416) by the Circular Pitch to obtain the Diametral Pitch.
  • For Metric Gears, Divide 25.4 by the Module Pitch to obtain the Diametral Pitch.



Enter Diametral Pitch

Diametral Pitch:
Minimum Dedendum:
Working Depth:
Minimum Total Depth:
Basic Tooth Thickness
At Pitch Line:
Minimum Clearance:

All Dimensions Given In Inches

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