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Just a few of the ways that we have recently helped our customers solve some of their problems.







Large Gear RepairsDon't' throw that gear out yet! Cage Gear and Machine LLC may be able to repair your large gear!

Even though the teeth and/or bore may be damaged, there is still a lot of good steel still left on your part.

We may be able to help you save...

- Money -
- Down Time -
- The Environment -

Cage Gear and Machine has a long history of repairing gears instead of replacing them. We have repaired gear teeth, bores, keyways, splines, shafts and much more. We always look at a repair as a first option instead of simply replacing your large gears. This saves you money, time and our environment! Our goal is to get you back up and running as quickly and as economically possible as we can. Many times a repair is the way to go!

Cage Gear And Machine has many options available to us when it comes to repairing large gears. We have a long track record of saving our customers tens of thousands of dollars by being able to repair their worn or damaged gear instead of replacing them.

We will look at each individual gear and choose the best option for each case. In one recent case, we had quoted replacing a very large gear that was in excess of $ 80,000.00.

After looking at the worn gear, we were able to determine that the gear could be repaired for less than $ 20,000.00. We also reduced the lead-time by 16 weeks.

Cage Gear can perform a non-destructive test on the gear components to insure they they are still repairable. Once it pass the testing we will look at several options to repair it and make a proposal for the most economical repair.

Repairing a gear instead of replacing it can save you a lot of money and time.

The next time you need to replace a large gear, give us a call and let Cage Gear see if we can repair the gear instead!

With many situations you can simply email us a photo with some basic information and we can tell you if the gear is repairable.

Please call or email us at (330) 452-1532 or for more information or to request a quote!

Visit our flickr galleries for before and after images of just a few of our rebuild projects.



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