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Just a few of the ways that we have recently helped our customers solve some of their problems.






Just a few of the gearboxes that we have repaired...

  • Horsburgh & Scott Reducers
  • Morgan Reducers
  • Cone Drive Reducers
  • Foote-Jones Reducers
  • Philadelphia Reducers
  • Falk Reducers
  • Dodge Reducers
  • Fessler Reducers
  • Ferrel Reducers
  • Cleveland Gear Reducers
  • Westinghouse Reducers
  • Dorris Reducers
  • JH Day Mixer Reducers
  • Nord Reducers
  • WesTech Reducers
  • Flender Reducers
  • SEW Eurodrive Reducers
  • Nuttall Reducers
  • ++++ MANY MORE!


Cage Gear & Machine can repair and rebuild your gearboxes up to 20,000 pounds!

Our staff has over 100 years of combined experience in rebuilding gearboxes and reducers.

We begin with a complete evaluation of your reducer, including the inspection of all gear elements, housing bores, etc and will then send you the results of our evaluation, our proposed method of repairing the unit and a quoted price and lead-time.

We do all of this at no cost to you (in most cases).

If you have any questions concerning any charges that you may incur,
please call us at (330) 452-1532 or email

Why Should You Pick Cage Gear As Your Gearbox Rebuild Specialists?

  • We will pick up your reducer or arrange for freight to have your gearbox brought to Cage Gear.
  • We will disassemble the reducer, evaluate the condition of the gearbox and offer you the most economical option for getting your gearbox back online - all at no cost to you.
  • We like to get the BIG ORDERS at Cage Gear, but it is more important to us to help solve our customer's problem with the most economical solution, while providing a quality repair. We will never push you to replace items that can be reused and at times, we can even recondition the gears instead of replacing them. We will do our best to get you back up and running at the best cost possible.
  • We offer a one year warranty on all repairs. In the event that the repaired unit is placed in storage, we will extend the warranty to one year from installation, as long as we have the opportunity to inspect the reducer prior to installation.
  • We are not just a gearbox rebuild and repair facility, we also have the equipment and experience to manufacture most of the parts that we need to repair your reducer or gearbox. We can cut gears up to 180" diameter in-house!
  • We will send you a detailed report of any issues with your reducer that we find as well as a quote to repair or refurbish the gearbox. We will not begin any work on your reducer until we receive your approval.
  • We offer emergency and breakdown services. Cage Gear's staff pride ourselves on being more than manufacturers of gears; We are problem solvers for our customer! We will do whatever it takes to get you back up and running as quickly as we can.
  • We offer on-site gearbox inspection, evaluation and when we can...on-site repairs! We have even rebuilt a gearbox 150 feet up on top of a crane when the customer could not remove it.
  • We have economically repaired gear reducers from a few pounds up to 20,000 pounds and everything from replacing a single seal to manufacturing a completely new custom built gear reducer.





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