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Just a few of the ways that we have recently helped our customers solve some of their problems.







Gear ManufacturingCage Gear and Machine does a lot of things that we are proud of...

- Gear Repairs
- Gearbox Repairs and Rebuilds
- Cable Drum Repairs and Rebuilds

BUT... we are the proudest of our ability to manufacture gears. We can make gears from 1.00" diameter up to 180.00" diameter. We one of the few gear companies in the country that can produce gears in this size range! This makes us a valuable resource for every gear user! We like to think of ourselves as YOUR gear department.

Greg Churbock, our Sales Manager, is holding in his hand one of the smaller gears that we have made....look close...he is really holding a gear.....and is behind a large gear that we are getting ready to reverse engineer and manufacture for our customer. If you look in the background you will see a large cable drum gear for a B&E 1260 Drag Line on our gear hobber!

We LOVE making gears! It doesn't matter to us if it is 1.00" or 180.00", We will make every effort to insure you get a quality part every time and when you need it.

Our staff has literally hundreds of years of combined experience in gear manufacturing and range in age from 19 years old to our seasoned 60+ year old veterans! This insures that we can take care of your gear related needs today and for many decades to come. We pride ourselves in training young men and women in the gear industry so we can continue to support our customers for a long time!


The best way to tell you what we can do is to answer some of the Frequently Asked Questions that we receive...

  1. What is the largest gear that you can make?
    1. We can currently cut gears up to 180.00" in diameter in-house. With the help of our vendors we can provide you with even larger gears or direct you to who can make them. If we can't cut your large gears we will help you find someone who can.
  2. What type of gears do you make?
    1. Cage Gear and Machine specializes in cutting large, coarse pitch spur and helical gears. We can cut gears from 1.00" to 180.00" diameter. In addition to spur gears and helical gears, with the help of our partners, we can also offer worms, worm gears, racks, bevel gears, spiral bevel gears, internal gears and more. We strive to be your one stop gear solution. If we can't make the gear for you, we will help you find someone that can.
  3. We do not have drawings, can you make a gear for us based on a sample?
    1. Yes we can. We have a great staff that can reverse engineer your samples for you and make the gear that you need. Even if you sample is in pieces we can usually figure it out.
  4. What materials do you use to make gears?
    1. The primary materials that we make gears from are alloy steel, iron, stainless steel, nylon, bronze, micarta and phenolic. However, we can make gears from just about any material that you need.
  5. We need to have a gear quoted but can't take it out of production....Can you help?
    1. Most of the time we can! We will send a technician to your facility to take measurements of the gear while it is still in your equipment. It is not the ideal conditions and we prefer to have the gear at our shop for more accurate measurements, but we will try our hardest to get all of the information that we need at your facility if this is what is needed.
  6. We have a breakdown. The gear we need will take take 10-12 weeks to get from the OEM. What can we do?
    1. Cage Gear and Machine offers breakdown services. We will do our best to get a gear for you as quickly as possible. Many times we can figure out a solution to keep you up and running while a new gear is being made. Just let us know it's a breakdown when you contact us and we will do everything we can to get your equipment back in service! Our incredible staff is willing to work weekends, overnight and even holidays to help a customer.
  7. We have a large gear with broken teeth and do not have the budget to replace it. Can you fix it?
    1. Yes we can! We have several methods that we use to repair gears. We will always look for the most economical solution to your gear related troubles.
  8. The gear OEM is out of business. We need a replacement gear and would like manufacturing drawings for our records.
    1. We can reverse engineer your parts and provide drawings, both printed and digital, for your records on just about any part you have. We typically don't provide drawings when we reverse engineer your parts that we are manufacturing, unless you ask, and we do charge a small fee for the drawings.
  9. We use metric gears, can you make those?
    1. Absolutely! We have a large inventory of tooling for cutting metric gears.
  10. Our staff has no experience with gears yet we are having gear related problems. Can you help us?
    1. Yes we can! Cage Gear and Machine's goal is to become your company's gear department. If you need a gear, or have questions about gears, we want to be your first phone call. Our entire staff is dedicated to helping you wit gear issues!

Do you have any other questions? Please let us know!



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